8 Tips To Read Faster And Understand Everything From The Book

8 tips to read faster and understand everything from the book.

We are always overloaded with work; we live a life where we have so many things to do in less time. 24 hours is not just enough for us. We just work and work where we forget to develop our brain, follow the simple routine, and can’t do real activities to calm and re-energize our mind.

Working at a job and expanding experience is not sufficient, we have to maintain our health and inner peace too otherwise the damage of the external things our aptitude. We have a lot of tools to enhance our brain capacity like reading, learning new things and having a worthful conversation with the experts but we do nothing from this because of the more limited time we have but I can suggest you some tricks which helps you to read books and learn new things with the tiniest time also.

You will be surprised that some people read one book in a day. Yes, one book in a day and they learn and discover it too, not just reading. You can also do this and for that, you have to read faster, but your reading must be worth it. You can’t just read and skip the reason why you read the book. .

Here are some tricks to read faster.
       Choose a comfortable place.
Here you can pick the comfortable place you want. It can be your room or your preferred corner in the hall or perhaps the garden or natural place. Choose a quiet place or if there is a lot of noise outside, you may have your music with headphones so plug it and start reading.

2. Seat where you have proper lights.
If you use a mobile and sitting in front of your computer for at least 6-7 hours due to your work schedule and still you want to read, then you have to take care of your eyes in a proper way. So Please choose the lights which doesn’t hurt your eyes. If the light has the intensity of light, short display times can cause damage. If the light is not quite so bright, constant exposure over days to weeks can make permanent damage.
     Don’t watch a preview, let it be secret
People majorly suggest watching or read a preview of the book before reading but I suggest not knowing anything about the book before you start reading because if you come to know the main points or concept of the book than what is the meaning of reading it. Let it be secret and read with passion. Booklover knows how the interest of reading can be destroyed if they come to know what is in the book before taking it.
      Take a highlighter or note and pen.
I highly suggest you take highlighter while reading the book so you can make a note of those points which are worth and golden formula of book. I personally read fiction a lot but still, I use a highlighter to highlight some sentences which describe a lot in a few words, some dialogs, creative fusion of words, and beautiful narration, this thing attracts me so much.
    Put your finger while reading paragraph
      Well, this obviously looks like a childhood habit, but it is really very helpful. Placing fingers on lines while reading it can help you to focus. Remember that we are not reading just for entertainment we are reading to understand, to feel, to adopt new things in our life so the focus is need. Pointing your finger or a pen at each piece of words will help you acquire to move your eyes quickly over the text.
      Read with passion 
      If you are reading a book or novella just because someone has suggested to you, that didn’t work for you. Your excitement and passion matters a lot. If you are not into a book, after spending five or ten minutes only can bore you so much and you will lose interest to read books forever so please pick up your choice for readers and don’t look for other’s views.
      Your purpose is important.
      If your purpose for reading is clear before taking a book, then it might help you more to get most benefits from the book so if you are reading for learning purpose, be a sharp reader and if you read to feel thrilled than feel the story and character and make your imagination power stronger.
       Practice sometimes with a clock and count your time.
      If you really wish to read fast, put the clock beside and count the time. Test your reading and get the result. When you repeat this daily, your reading speed will surely go faster than before.

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