The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life

Book Review.
Author: Robin Sharma
Paperback: 336 Pages
Language: English
Publisher:  Jaico Publishing House

More About the Author : 
Everybody knows who Robin Sharma is. He has written and published many books before, “The monk who sold his Ferrari” is his best piece. Most of the books teach us about how to live life with discipline and how to be energetic and productive. He writes about stress management and believes in spirituality. He had already published 11 books, and this is his 12th book.
Either it is about leadership, motivation, growth, improvement, social life, Robin Sharma suggests and gives his concept in every subject.

More About this book.
There are surely mix reviews for this book from people, but I suggest you must read once if you get a chance to read and understand this book. I will try to help you with a summary of this book.
It is hard reading for those who don’t love reading much or who like fiction more than self-learning subjects. There are very helpful tips in this book but that comes in the middle of the book, most of the readers are not happy with the first portion of this book.
This book describes the benefits we will have if we change our habit into waking up at 5 AM. How to utilize the early morning time and what are the tricks to do for that.

Let’s discuss this.
While you are sleeping in the early morning, some people are awake and have started their work.
Anyone can become a leader with the help of this formula. I am trying my best to elaborate.
20/20/20 formula. (Important point)
Robin Sharma says, Morning is the best time when your brain is purely active and have good energy, so this is the best time to recharge your brain with some activities. The first hour after waking up is the most essential hour in a day, it called victory hour. So, Robin Sharma has divided his 60 minutes into 20/20/20 minutes where you can do the most important thing to energize your brain.

1st 20- Move- 5:00 AM to 5:20 AM
Do exercise and deep breathing.
Do a little hard work out which makes your immune system strong
This is the main thing to do after waking up
This helps your brain to release dopamine and serotonin which improves our health and brain activity. With the help of heavy exercise, your brain will become more focused and active instantly.

2nd20- Reflect – 5:20 AM to 5:40 AM
You have multiple options in this.
You can do either meditation, pray to god, or planning for the rest of the day's schedule.
This will upgrade your efficiency at work.
Boost your power
Calm your brain and focus on important work
Your wisdom will develop
This will help you to perform well.

3rd20- Grow – 5:40 AM to 6:00 AM
This is the learning time where you can read books, listen to audio story or podcast.
The author says, every minute is important because these minutes became an hour, hour became days, days become months, and those months in your life you live. Value your time.
Set a specific time for those works that are not so useful and give your maximum time to your highly productive work.
Free yourself from distraction.
Better awareness will give your better result.

Build your 4 interior empires.
1.            Mindset – Keep learning and adoption in your daily work
2.            Heartset – Be strong with emotions too. If you are emotionally weak, you can’t make the right decision and fall into a trap after a lot of effort. If you can’t control yourself, you can control nothing.
3.            Healthset – must maintain your health. You can’t achieve much if you are not healthy.
4.            Soulset – Related to spiritualty.

Make your habit chart.
If you are trying to install a new habit in your life, it will take an average of 66 days.
22/22/22 days where
1st 22 days stay away from distraction
2nd 22 days are for installation new habit
3rd 22 days are integration. In this stage, your daily activity integrates with your subconscious mind and became habit.
Adopting new habits first became hard, then became messy but at last, it became awesome. Improve yourself internally.
I hope this information will help you out still you may have more golden tips from this book but for that, you need to buy and read and makes a note. Best luck for best read.

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