Book Review of Raavan : Enemy of Aryavarta By Amish Tripathi

Book Review of Raavan  Enemy of Aryavarta By Amish Tripathi

Book Review Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta By Amish Tripathi

Author: Amish Tripathi
Paperback: 374 Pages
Publisher: Westland (1 July 2019)
Language: English and also available with few Indian languages.
Available in Kindle version
Available as audio in Amazon Audible

Actually, nobody can write or talk about reviews I guess because everyone has their own choice to read and style to describe what they like and view to understand what is in the story. I believe I just can give you some details why you should read or not read this book because the way it gives me some knowledge and idea about the character of Raavan, it amazed me so much and it can amaze you too that I am very sure about and also the vivid narration of the story which includes the details start from the minor thing to the most important moment give you goosebumps how story change its way and surprise you.
Before going ahead let me tell you this is the third book of Ram Chandra series.

First book: Ram - Scion of Ikshvaku
Second book : Sita: Warrior of Mithila
And this is the third one, Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta

The tale of the epic story of Ramayana, which you have heard or watched through television, If you think you are going to get the same story from this book then you are completely wrong, This story is re-imagined and narrative with completely different manner. Raavan is the main character of this book where you will come to know about his childhood, how good he was in his teenage time, how he behaved with his loved once and how intelligent he was.

More about Raavan:

Raavan's character in this book is full of complexity. You can’t decide whether he was good or bad for others. He was very intelligent and have a very clear mind but the other side of his nature, He was truly rude and ruthless, He had masterminded and always fight for good things but he was also cunning and evil. Raavan’s personality is completely mysterious in this book. The way he fights and the way he behaves with his family members show two different personalities of him. He loved his brother, Kunmbhkarna, and he always supports him. He cared a lot.
Raavan was also a skilled trainer, He had a lot of talent and he worshiped a god lot. He loved to worship and never give up for anything. Same side he was very focused on his work and his responsibilities toward his kingdom. He had a great grip for the same. Sometimes it looks like he is incapable of being good when Raavan talk or speak to the people he doesn’t like.

About Plot.

If you think, You know all about Raavan and his character describe in Ramayana and there is nothing new story than you are completely wrong for this because in this book you will read the childhood story about Raavan, this book indeed belongs to fantasy genre where everything is not true but the story goes well. Amish has worked very well in the description where you will get a lot of twists, maybe all are not new for you but the climax will surely thrilled you. Amish has really a very different style of writing. The twits come to the way in this story are really epic and it will attract you much enough to encourage you to read more.
As this book is more about Raavan, There are no more details that have been found about Sita, Ram, and another character so now you have the whole book where all the moments will tell you the story of Raavan.

About Narration.

Story narration always plays a big role in every book. I am really surprised to read the vivid description of the location, the culture, the places, the temples, the fights, the traditions, and about the musical instruments, especially about Raavan hath.
This detail will not bore you because it’s not too much with deep details but still describe the time when he was a lord of Lanka.

Reasons to read this book.
This is the most action-packed adventurous book. There are so many locations are in this book.

The Character of Raavan - though he was evil, there are a lot of things you can learn from him. He was very passionate about his Siksha (education).

Kunbhkarna: This is again a second main character who followed his brother a lot but still he has his own principal. He was a selfless character.

Vivid Narration: wheatear it is about location, or fights, everything has been narrated perfectly in this book

Knowledge Gaining: Yes, It will give you some knowledge about ancient things and their rituals and also surprise you with their humanity.

Easy Language: The person who doesn’t read books much also can read this book because it has a very simple and easy language.

Mystery: The first two books have a lot of story and plot which has not been answered in there but you will get some from this book but still you have to wait for the final fourth book which is the whole story of these three characters, Ram-Sita-Raavan.

Women and the rules: Yes, this book tells about how women have been treated at that time and not allowed to go to the temple. This moment surprised me.

Reason for not reading.

Don’t read if you don’t like mythology.
It is quite a long book
It is not real mythology or story, It is fantasy and re-imagined story from characters.

This book has a different name first, Raavan orphan of Aryavarta

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